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    In my view one if the worst developments in the game of Rugby Union is The Tackler/Jackaler. The Jackaler is deemed a ‘nuisance’ and attacking support players are instructed to ‘deal’ with him, thereby encouraging a huge physical collision on a person in a prone position. Why not get back to the tackled player placing the ball on the ground which immediately becomes a ruck, rather than permitting the tackler to play the ball if he can get to his feet quickly enough or if his secondary defender can have a ‘snipe’ at it because it is an immediate reaction. No hands in The Ruck! Furthermore, not permit the tackled player to turn his body and place the ball his own teams side, once the ball has touched the floor. The exect position where the ball touches the floor in the tackle is the place it should be released. Then the ball can only be recycled by the support players getting beyond the ball. Hands on the ball is not allowed at a ruck! More players in defence would need to be committed to the breakdown if they want to affect the turnover. All they do currently is ‘run away’ from the ruck. It seems bizarre to me, under the current match situations, the only time the attacking team creates a maul is from a Line Out Drive. If a defensive team team keeps ‘running away’ from the ruck, then create a maul from broken play. You will soon start tying in a few more defenders. Given the way the game is right now, though, It may be worth trialling a 2 man (pre set) bind, to win the fight beyond the ball, not allowing the tackler & tackled to play the ball, therefore committing at least 3 defensive players and 3 attackers to every breakdown, thereby creating more space in attack. The best form of attack will soon come back to the pre tackle off load and we will have our game back!

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